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How can you improve your English skills?

Overview Check out these resources to enhance your English reading, writing, listening and comprehension skills.

Are you looking for tools to sharpen your ESL communication and comprehension skills?

ELLO offers over 3,000 free listening activities. Teachers and students can access lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners.

ESOL publishes free digital resources for teaching and learning English. Practice your English with their free interactive listening lessons, reading exercises, quizzes and games.

edX provides free online English language lessons and classes to improve your English grammar, composition, conversation and writing skills. Learn effective English communication skills with access to online classes and courses from Tsinghua, ASU, HKPolyU and other top schools.

Duolingo provides free, bite-size lessons that feel more like games than textbooks – and that’s by design. Learning is easier when you’re having fun. But Duolingo isn’t just a game. It’s based on a methodology proven to foster long-term retention and a curriculum aligned to an international standard. Explore how language learning happens with Duolingo!



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