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A female and male student both looking at a computer screen.

About Us 

To create economic mobility for historically marginalized communities by providing the skills relevant to the current workforce, inclusive support systems, and employer and community partnerships to help launch life-changing careers.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Talent is universal, opportunity is not. We envision a future where all people have access to comprehensive, career-ready resources and job training programs and employment opportunities that bring transformative change and positive economic mobility for graduates and their communities. 

Impact Through the Years

ChooseU was founded to deliver best-in-class workforce programming as Generation USA. Since the beginning, we've worked in partnership with employers, community colleges, and community-based organizations to create pathways into life-changing careers.


Learners are Black, Latinx, and/or other racial minority groups 


Learners without a four-year degree


 Learners who identify as female
In 2020, we embarked on an unprecedented path to scale and achieved the following:

Launched 9 technology, technology adjacent, and customer service programs with various community and corporate partners.
Launched an Introduction to Technology career exploration workshop to help people realize a potential career in the technology industry. 
We will continue to do so as ChooseU!

We look forward to continuing our community partnerships and growing our organization so that individuals who are part of historically marginalized communities are able to recognize their best potential selves.

Our Leadership

Emily Schaffer, Chief Executive Officer of ChooseU

Emily Schaffer

Chief Executive Officer

Richard Clemmons, Chief Operations Officer of ChooseU

Richard Clemmons

Chief Operating Officer

Janelle Gonzales, Chief Administrative Officer of ChooseU

Janelle Gonzales

Chief Administrative Officer


Tanya Wedderburn

Chief People Officer


Ivan Grant

Managing Director,


Mike Wolking.jpg

Mike Wolking

Managing Director,

Program Development & Launch

Our Partners

We would like to thank you to our partners who have supported us as Generation USA:

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