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Why the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification?

Starting off your administrative career with a leg up

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There is an ever-evolving change in the workforce, especially in your typical office setting. From information technology (IT), creative design, business management, and now artificial intelligence (AI); brands and organizations are always looking for ways to be a step ahead. But with all the growth and chaos of any changing business, one thing remains constant and that is the need for administrative support.

Without any administrative support staff, the most talented team might find itself overworked and disorganized ( Some critical skills that any administrative support staff include managing a team’s office calendars, recording meeting memorandums and notes, and sending out email communications to internal and external teams. That is where career development programs like ours at ChooseU, and certifications like a Microsoft Office Specialist certification will definitely be useful.

What is the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification?

Benefits of getting the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

Getting your Microsoft Office Specialist certification can potentially get you ahead during any entry-level administrative assistant interview process. There are other benefits of getting your certification include:

Are you ready to start your career as an Administrative Assistant? Do you want to train and learn more about the Microsoft Office Specialist certification? Learn more about our Office Administration program and/or start your application!

Open to Washington, DC residents only.


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