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How to be a Hero at any Company

A Rewarding Career as an Administrative Assistant

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With the ever-evolving change in the workforce landscape in any typical office setting, one thing remains constant and that is the need for administrative support. Hear us out; every company, business, organization, and brand cannot function without the magic of any administrative support team to “help executives, managers and employees perform their daily tasks and clerical responsibilities.” ( The great thing about administrative assistant positions (sometimes they’re titled as Office Managers) is that there are many entry-level roles that only require a high school diploma or equivalent with an average salary in the United States of about $50,000.00 (

What does an Administrative Assistant do?

Administrative Assistants provide a set of support services that help a variety of departments and teams in organizations. Some of these services include:

  • Setting up in-person, virtual, or a combination of both meeting invitations for internal and external teams.

  • Providing backup support to other departments and teams. ( This includes potentially creating presentations, proofreading documents, and data entry and collection.

  • Maintaining a clean and inviting office space for your team and guests who visit the space.

  • Writing and/or replying to emails on behalf of the team and company.

  • Composing, editing, and filing meeting memorandums, activity logs, and other important documents for teams.

What skills do I need to develop in Administration Support?

Now that you know what Administrative Assistants do, let’s talk about skills that you would have to develop in order to be successful at the job. By the way, we have an upcoming program that is fully virtual and tuition-free which dives into some of these durable skills and how to build them for your future career in administrative support work!

  • Effective Communication: It is essential to develop professional and effective communication skills, both in written form and verbally, in order to interact clearly with your team members and other guests.

  • Organization: You may be supporting multiple departments and projects in a company. It is important to be able to learn how to prioritize tasks based on deadlines and needs, as well as effectively complete them to the best of your ability.

  • Time Management and Expectations: Speaking of organizational skills, time management and expectations are key skills to have, especially when prioritizing tasks and meeting deadlines.

  • Flexibility and creativity: Sometimes, it takes some thinking-outside-the-box magic in order to complete a task for a team. As an Administrative Assistant, you may be tasked to switch or pivot tasks based on what needs to be prioritized for your team.

  • Computer and Technical Skills: In most Administrative Assistant job descriptions, a qualification of having basic computer skills and being able to use office equipment ( is required. One of the technical skills that we will be teaching during our Office Administration program is going through the Microsoft Office Suite. Our participants will be taught a variety of Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint, and will have the chance to take a Microsoft Office Specialist certification test.

Are you ready to start your career as an Administrative Assistant? Learn more about our Office Administration Program and start your application!

Our program is currently open to Washington, DC residents only.


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